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>> happy indeed, but you can't blame him for being scared. the news keeps coming. brian bolter is standing by with your news edge at 11:00. >> the edge begins with a weather alert for people across the northeast as a major winter storm gets ready to dump feet of snow over parts of new england. that same storm system is going to impact our area overnight. of course, not to that extent. you'd know that by now. let's bring in sue palka tracking this thing for us. >> i think we'll have a little impact in the early morning, overnight and very late tomorrow night, too. what i expect overnight is perhaps a little sleet and freezing rain or snow to mix in, especially north and west, but i'm not expecting huge problems, just maybe a slick spot or two. most of us will see light rain and not a whole lot of rain during the day tomorrow. let's start with radar so you can see where things are now. it hasn't quite gotten to fredericksburg, probably raining, lightning in lexington park in salisbury over to
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charlottesville. west of charlottesville you begin to see a little snow and sleet on the western side of this precipitation. it's all moving south to north and will overspread us overnight. if you live far enough west tomorrow, you might not see a lot of moisture, but you will get the backside of it when things develop off the coast. we do have a lot of rain that's just down to our south. of course, as we've talked about this throughout the last hour, that this is part of a system that will develop and become quite an impressive storm for new england and in particular, eastern new england, but locally we do have some winter weather advisories that will kick in at midnight and this does include now montgomery and howard. it gets up to baltimore, over to frederick and includes loudoun county and northern faquier county because there could be just enough of a combination of snow, sleet and freezing rain when this begins to put down maybe a small coating on some grassy areas and on untreated surfaces. potentially there could be a little slick spot here and there in the morning. most of the rest of the day tomorrow it will just be light rain and the bulk of that will
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be east of interstate 95, could end with a little snow, though. quite a different story up north. residents across new england bracing for what could be a historic storm. several people spent the day stocking up on the essentials, food, water and fuel for about a week. road crews spent the day getting salt and sand ready to go. several areas have canceled school tomorrow. airlines causing disruptions for travelers nationwide after cancelling more than 1,700 flights. you can track this thing 24/7 on the fox 5 weather app. we are streaming our newscast live on your cell phone. log onto our website to find out more. another big story, a controversy over the use of drone strikes to kilter roar suspects spilled out into a fiery -- kill terror suspects spilled out into a fiery hearing today. john brennan, the president's
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pick for a cia. fox 5's tom fitzgerald, what happened? >> this was a wild start from the moment that john brennan sat down in the witness chair today being interrupted by protesters angry over his role in u.s. intelligence operations and the war on terror. while president obama's choice to head the cia is expected to win quick confirmation, his opponents made it clear they were determined to make this a very long day in that witness chair. right from the start confirmation hearing for john brennan to head the cia -- >> you are a threat to democracy when you assassinate suspects! >> >> reporter: interrupted by anti-war protesters who say u.s. drone strikes aimed at killing terrorists have killed too many innocent people. >> i speak for the mothers of the children in yemen, pakistan, somalia -- >> the outburst delayed the start of the hearing.
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>> all right. i'm going to ask that this room be cleared. will the capitol police please clear the room. >> with the demonstrators removed brennan went on to defend the u.s. drone program. >> the men and women of the cia are frequently asked to undertake challenging, perilless and controversial actions on behalf of the american people. >> later brennan declined to detail a report suggesting enhanced interrogation techniques some terror suspects played a key role in tracking down osama bin laden. >> there clearly were a number of things, many things that i read in that report, that were very concerning and disturbing to me. >> for their part senators pressed brennan on the cia's reluctance in their view to share information with congress. >> i feel i've been jerked around by every cia director. i've ever been misled, misrepresented. >> why was it that they felt
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that we were so unworthy of being trusted? >> the anti-war group code pink claimed responsibility for the protests which they say were needed to draw attention to brennan's record on drone strikes. >> these drone strikes have killed a lot of innocent people and we feel he's lying to us. >> the senate intelligence committee is expected to vote on brennan's nomination in the next few days. now keep in mind these protests are not expected to do anything to derail brennan's nomination. he has received praise from both democrats and republicans. if confirmed, he'll take over a job vacated by former cia director david petraeus who quit last year after announcing an affair with his biographer. to a developing story in california where the manhunt continues for a former los angeles police officer accused of going on a killing spree. police say 33-year-old christopher dorner killed one officer and two others today including the daughter of a
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retired lapd captain. they say the killings are an act of revenge. dorner outlined this in an online manifesto blaming his former colleagues for losing his job back in '08. >> dodger is to be considered armed and extremely dangerous. he knows what he's doing. when we trained him, he was also a member of the armed forces. >> police focused their search around big bear lake about 80 miles east of l. there are more than 40 -- l.a. there are more than 40 potential targets. in maryland an annapolis mother is charged with killing her 2-year-old daughter. police say chelsea booth is charged with first and second degree murder and child abuse resulting in the child's death. police haven't been able to find the baby. fox 5's karen gray houston has the story. >> reporter: 25-year-old chelsea booth is being held without bond. police say she has admitted to killing her 2-year-old daughter, cassady. >> she admitted to smothering the child. >> reporter: when did this
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happen? booth lives in the bay ridge gardens apartment complex in the eastport section of annapolis. security was tighter there than usual as police investigate what happened to the 2-year- old. this woman who says she's her best friend cannot believe chelsea is capable of murder. >> she's a sweet girl. she's kindhearted. she talks to everybody. you know, she's sweet as chocolate. i don't know what happened. i don't know. >> reporter: police say they heard from neighbors yesterday afternoon who were worried. they hadn't seen the child for days. >> she had a story about where her child should be. we kept looking into it, see if we could find the child, talk to the person she said the child was with. no luck. >> reporter: her friend tinea said she saw chelsea yesterday and she didn't seem like herself. >> she looked like she was disturbed like three days chelsea was not chelsea. she shut down. she wasn't speaking to people. she was very angry.
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you know, was always yelling at her daughter, you know. she would cuss at her sometimes. >> reporter: one man who says he knows chelsea and her mother refuses to believe chelsea killed her baby. >> i think she was with somebody. i really do. believe that in my heart. i believe she was with somebody safe because she was a good mother. >> reporter: but police believe booth dumped the little girl's body in a dumpster which was emptied earlier this week and taken to a transfer station. police are now checking out trash that may be in the railcar in the jessup area of maryland. booth's friends say she also has a 4-year-old daughter and she's had contact with the criminal justice system before back in april of 2009 when she was convicted of second degree snot on a law enforcement officer and theft. i'm -- assault on a law enforcement officer and of theft. i'm karen gray houston, fox 5 news. an incendiary device exploded inside a sub shop
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man's business. he suffered severe burns in what was an intentional attack. despite what happened, lawrence reese says he intends to return to work soon. >> i don't know nothing else. wham i going to do? i'm determined -- what am i going to do? i'm determined. >> reese said he did not see who attacked his shop, but his business has been targeted before. a week after reese stopped a guy spray painting on a doctor's office someone painted up his shop. in october a vandal broke in through an attic and ransacked the place and each time reese reopened. he plans to do the same again. still ahead some lawmakers pay up after betting on the wrong super bowl team. >> plus what's in a name, the controversy surrounding washington's football team takes center stage in a special symposium today, those stories when the news edge continues. >> this is fox 5 news edge at 11:00. 
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nearly a week after the ravens beat the 9ers maryland senators barbara mikulski and been cardin collecting their bet wings from california senators dianne feinstein and barbara boxer. >> this is real craft. >> the wager, a feast of sorts featuring their state's specialties. today the california senators delivered dungeness crab, napa valley wine, sourdough bread and california cheeses.
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if the ravens lost they would have delivered crab cakes and heavy beer. today people gathered for a special symposium discussing the racial stereotypes surrounding the name redskin. panelists are urging people to push for a name change but asking them to boycott the team and its sponsors in protest and to stop the use of what they call the r word. >> when we get to that place where we start chastising our friends, relatives and our neighbors for using that word making it unacceptable, that's when things will change. >> over the years the team's owners opposed the name change citing tradition. others say money is the real reason. the redskins organization is not responding to the forum or demands. we asked fans on facebook washington redskins offensive name or part of tradition? rachel writes the name redskins is worn with pride. people dress up to show support, not to make fun. >> harrell posts it seems harmless to people who look
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from the outside. i'm a lifelong skins fan, but i believe that there are some traditions that are useless. we want to hear your thoughts. head to and find our facebook page, leave us a comment. protecting yourself online from love gone sour and a near miss from an armageddon astroid, will thomas has your fox 5 top five. >> up first preventing alcohol- related deaths. no. 5 increasing the minimum price of alcohol by 10% can lead to significant drops in drink- related deaths. according to canadian researchers, it may provide long term beneficial health felts. no. 4, heads up, anoas -- effects. no. 4, heads up, an astroid measuring 150 feet is expected to zip past the earth sometime next week and pass within 17,000 miles of the planet, the closestman approach ever for an object that -- closest approach ever for an object that size. no. 3, love and technology don't
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always miss, so don't chair your passwords. experts -- share your passwords even with your honey. experts say consider what could happen if you broke up. no. 2, did you know today is the 10th annual safer internet day? it's a day meant to engage people in making the internet a safer better place, especially for children. this year's theme is connect with respect. a big number of companies including google are participating offering tips to stay safe. no. 1, heart disease is the no. 1 killer of women, but most women don't know the signs of having a heart attack of the experts say women having symptoms that are vague and can resemble the flu with fatigue, shortness of breath, nausea, dizziness and difficulty sleeping. that is tonight's fox 5 top five. over to you, sue and brian. looking on radar we can see this thing getting closer to us. >> mostly it's going to be light rain, but a little mixing going on and i think we all hear a little sleet.
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what we want to be sure of is in the morning you don't have slick spots. i suspect we won't have widespread problems, might be a couple two hour delays, but this will change over to a bit of rain and only about 1/4- inch, so not even a rainy day with several dry hours. the big finale could be a band of snow showers or small accumulation across northeastern maryland tomorrow night. we start out with a look at what is going on in the atmosphere. of course, it's going to be all about the two pieces of this storm, the one from the south and the one coming across the ohio valley and great lakes becoming one big monster storm, getting together too late to bring us any snow. it's going to certainly clobber eastern new england with 1, 2, maybe 3 feet of snow snowing at 2 to 4 inches per hour. they've been battening down the hatches. it will really hit them tomorrow night and saturday, but it will start earlier.
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blizzard conditions are a big part of this story across the northeast, very strong wind, probably power outages and there will be snow across new york, pennsylvania and maybe northeastern maryland while we'll get rain and i think it will be fairly light and most of it south and east of d.c. or east of 95. we could see a little snow toward the end. just thought i'd show you some of these totals again where we see the blizzard conditions. new york is just on the en, but i think new york could -- edge, but i think new york could get 6 to 12 and bridgeport 12 to 18. north of hartford west of providence 18 to 24, boston in there and man chest. albany is close -- manchester. albany is close, but closer to new york it's the 3 to 6-inch amounts. into player it could drop an inch or 2 -- maryland it drop an inch or 2. in the highlands perhaps you'll get 1 to 2 inches of snow in the mountains
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after 7:00 or 6:00 tomorrow night. everything is sneaking up from the south. you can see it's beginning to change over to snow and sleet in the charlottesville area and i expect along interstate 81 you have a better chance of getting maybe enough of a coating to 1/2-inch or maybe an inch to cause slick spots in the morning. it will change over to rain even there. as the system comes north, you can see what weir talking about with roanoke along interstate -- we're talking about with roanoke along interstate 81 changing over. it's still 47 here. even if we get sleet, it should melt off pavement locally, 38 quantico. then you get colder spots like frederick and hagerstown, watch here temperatures in the morning. overnight most places stay at least above freezing from d.c. on south. we'll watch hagerstown, martinsburg, winchester, culpeper, maybe a couple spots there could have issues with a slick spot here and there.
11:19 pm
overnight 34 degrees, precipitation arriving through early morning and any mixing we have changes over to rain by midmorning. i think this rain will be fairly light, could end as light snow as with. our temperature gets up to 44 degrees tomorrow. so compared to new england we're getting off easy. saturday is blustery. you'll be kind of complaining about that windy think, 41 degrees. sunday is nice at 50 degrees. -- wind i think, 41 degrees. sunday is nice at 50 degrees, a couple rain showers, tuesday 50 degrees and valentine's day 45 degrees with showers. there's value in a fast start, but there's also a saying in sports it's not how you start but how you finish. that takes care of the 1st and 3rd period, but what about the 2nd? the caps have been particularly vexed in the middle period outscored 14-6 this year. they gave up three in the 2nd period to the penguins four
11:20 pm
days ago. tonight the rematch off to a great start. the mask goes month of, mike ribeiro with the easy goal -- mask goes off, mike ribeiro with the easy goal. pittsburgh just warming up but neuvirth's night was done. he surrendered two goals on 11 attempts. in comes braden holtby to replace him and he didn't do much better. [ audio difficulty ] then again that game was in college park. the terps came into tonight still searching for the first
11:21 pm
acc road win. to blacksburg, the terps visiting virginia tech. hokies trailed early but end the the half on a 14-2 run. hokies led 27-24 at the break. 2nd half terps respond off the miss. it's nick faust all alone for the easy deuce. he had a good game tonight. this was tied late. logan aronholt with five points, but here's three. maryland get the road win tonight, 60-55 and matched last year's win total already with 17. tony bennett and the cavs hosting clemson. evan nolte dials one up from long distance with nine off the bench tonight. 38-10 at the half. 2nd half more of the say of reverse alley-oop jam by justin anderson from montrose christian, 14 for him. virginia winning tonight.
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all in all another wind whipped john wall, the wizards punching back. [ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation,
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back to you. if you can't be the best, beating the best is a pretty good consolation prize. the wizards have defeated five division leaders. they have a better record against above .500 teams at 9- 22. credit the arrivalful john wall. they are now 8 -- arrival of john wall. they are now 8-7 since he rejoined the team january 12th.
11:25 pm
they had a 10 point win over the knicks. the offense is more explosive with him and other guys are feeding off. that wall had nine assists last night. he says the team gets up for the big games. >> those are the best game of the year. everybody is going to pack out the house and either you fight and give yourself a chance or get blown out. you make sure you understand those games, but i think it doesn't matter if it's division lead or just charlotte bobcats, anybody that's not having a good season. we wasn't at first. we just go out there and play. we're playing hard. we know those are the type of games we can win those little games we can keep giving ourself a chance. we know we're probably 14 games away from the playoffs, but you never know what can happen. former redskins defensive coordinators gregg williams reinstated by the nfl. he has joined the tennessee titans. brian is back to wrap up the edge right after this.
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taking the edge off tonight, a boston father is trending online for figuring out a way to get his daughter to stay off facebook. cash. this is the contract. paul beyer posted this to facebook this week ironically. a signed agreement between him and his daughter for her to keep off facebook nearly five months in exchange for 50 bucks halfway through, another 150 if she follows through with it. now you have the news edge. the news is always on
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see you back here tomorrow.   >> fox 5 news isn't over. go to now for news, weather and entertainment updates. fox 5 news is washington's best news on air and online at brought to you very verizon 4g lte. very-- by verizon 4g lte there is no mass-produced human. so we created the extraordinarily comfortable sleep number experience. a collection of innovations designed around a bed with dualair technology that allows you to adjust to the support your body needs. each of your bodies.

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